Guide to Identification of Cultivated Plants

The software is designed to be used intuitively.

  • Come to the software with a branch cutting or detailed photographs of the plant.
  • Start at the "top" by Select USDA zone and plant type
  • Then dive into the Flower or Leaf menu
    1. select as many leaf traits as you can
    2. use the images to help you recognize a trait
    3. select flower shape or arrangement if you can
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  • Note 1: leaves with a smooth margin are the default.
  • Note 2: the software is loaded with duplications (e.g. leaf tip may be either blunt or pointed depending upon the age of the leaf) and contains a sub-set of cultivated plants, biased to Zone 9. Selections An identification query is illustrated here showing search results narrowed from 4,000+ plants to 379 after making four selections.