Butterflies in Mind -- Zinnia
Susan C. Dunlap
A collection of 50 images as if seen from a butterfly’s point of view. Includes the names of native Zinnia species and the most complete list of US butterflies that will feed on Zinnia blossoms.
Butterflies in Mind -- Asclepias
Susan C. Dunlap
“Milkweed is the single most important plant for Monarch butterflies. This lavishly illustrated book contains details about the structure and cultivation of native Milkweeds, information about the 139 nectar-feeding butterflies they...
Butterflies in Mind -- Monarch
Susan C. Dunlap
This abundantly illustrated volume enables you to select from a complete list of well described perennial nectar plants that are known to attract & feed Monarch butterflies. Over 40 genera are described that are suitable to be grown...
Butterflies in Mind -- Perennials
Susan C. Dunlap
Butterflies in Mind - Perennials. This book is a definitive guide to perennial nectar plants preferred by US butterflies. It empowers you to feed, attract, support (and help identify) nectar-feeding butterflies that reside in the US....

About Aerulean

  • Want to plant a butterfly garden?
  • Want to attract bees, or feed birds?
  • Want to ‘construct’ a living fence?
  • Want a native garden, or drought tolerant plants (that also attract butterflies?)?
AERULEAN's software enables gardeners to:
  • Conduct a broad search of actively grown horticultural plants
  • Explore the range of garden plants that attract and support wildlife
  • Compress the search results to meet any one of numerous very specific landscaping needs

AERULEAN's mission is to provide unique resources that help gardeners select and identify plants. Our patented system presents novel solutions to various problems associated with navigation of plants. Our software enables gardeners to browse through our library of 20,000+ images using either visual or verbal cues. You can select from over 200 attributes – including water, height, flower color, and site location – to narrow the search results to plants you wish to consider for your gardening needs.

The AERULEAN system makes it possible for those with an interest in plants to conduct an efficient search to either select plants for landscaping purposes or identify an unknown species. We created software that unifies plant selection and identification. It does so by building on a primary botanical discovery, made by our founder Susan C. Dunlap, that the growing tip or apex of each plant contains visually unique characteristics. Images of each plant, typically including the flower, leaf, apical view, and branch, display on individual plant pages.

AERULEAN's first product is selection and identification software containing cultivated species. We are ambitious to continue expanding our databases, pursue service relationships with key members of the Green Industries, and develop automated products useful to gardeners, growers, and horticulturists.