Butterflies in Mind -- Zinnia
Susan C. Dunlap
A collection of 50 images as if seen from a butterfly’s point of view. Includes the names of native Zinnia species and the most complete list of US butterflies that will feed on Zinnia blossoms.
Butterflies in Mind -- Asclepias
Susan C. Dunlap
“Milkweed is the single most important plant for Monarch butterflies. This lavishly illustrated book contains details about the structure and cultivation of native Milkweeds, information about the 139 nectar-feeding butterflies they...
Butterflies in Mind -- Monarch
Susan C. Dunlap
This abundantly illustrated volume enables you to select from a complete list of well described perennial nectar plants that are known to attract & feed Monarch butterflies. Over 40 genera are described that are suitable to be grown...
Butterflies in Mind -- Perennials
Susan C. Dunlap
Butterflies in Mind - Perennials. This book is a definitive guide to perennial nectar plants preferred by US butterflies. It empowers you to feed, attract, support (and help identify) nectar-feeding butterflies that reside in the US....

Plant Suppliers

We are pleased to offer this 2016 list of butterfly-friendly plant and seed resources.


Serving the United States:

Rainer Seeds - http://rainierseeds.com

Rainier Seeds, Inc., located in Davenport Washington, is a seed production, collection and processing company. They produce, collect and condition the majority of the seed they sell. They have been entrusted with several large projects including Yellowstone National Park/Shoshone National Forest fire rehabilitation, Bureau of Land Management range revegetation, and Olympic National Forest wildlife improvement. Purchase garden plant seeds from their site or from one of numerous vendors across the country who sell their seed.

Select Seeds - http://www.selectseeds.com

Select Seeds, located in Union, Connecticut, offers gardeners a large selection of unique, high-quality flower seeds and plants, specializing in old-fashioned fragrant flowers, open-pollinated annuals, bee friendly flower seeds and plants, flowering vines, and rare annuals and perennials. Many antique flowers are hard-to-find heirlooms, passed from one generation to another. Their phone number is 1-800-684-0395.

Silver Falls Seed - http://silverfallsseed.com

Silver Falls Seed strives to bring you top quality flower, wildflower, native, forage and grass seeds for your farm, landscaping, lawn or garden. Their Northwest Native Seed and Flower Species pages may be of particular interest to butterfly gardeners. Their master list can be sorted by attributes including Planting Zone or US native. Their seed is gathered from their own farm.


Serving California and the West:

Las Pilitas Native Plant Nursery - http://www.laspilitas.com

Las Pilitas offers to ship California native plants to your front door and has a helpful and informative website. Since the 1970's Las Pilitas Nursery has been growing, researching and planting California native plants. "We do the work; you get to play with the plant and can shop for native plants for your yard."

Larner Seeds - http://larnerseeds.com

Larner Seeds, located in Bolinas, CA, seeks to promote the riches of native California flora, by supplying their customers with a broad range of amenities and products including California native seeds, native plants, and books, advice, and landscaping services for your own backyard restoration project.

San Marcos Growers - http://www.smgrowers.com

San Marcos Growers provides useful plant information on their website and shares their experiences with many of the plants they grow. They are a wholesale plant nursery located north of Santa Barbara, CA. Since 1979 they have been growing plants appropriate to California's Mediterranean climate, including many California native plants. Retailers who sell their plants can be found throughout the western region.


Serving the Midwest

Prairie Moon Nursery - http://www.prairiemoon.com

Prairie Moon Nursery has been a strictly native nursery for over 30 years. They sell retail and wholesale seeds and plants. The native species they sell grow best from the Midwest to the Northeast. Order via their secure website, a free color catalog, or call 866-417-8156 for knowledgeable advice. Prairie Moon Nursery address is 32115 Prairie lane, Winona MN, 55987.


Serving the Northwest

Inside Passage Seeds - http://www.insidepassageseeds.com

Inside Passage Seeds is a specialty seed service featuring the native and naturalized flora of the coastal Cascadian Bioregion. They provide a generous selection of seed-bearing species that are found along the Inside Passage and its tributaries, together with literature, skills and services that foster appreciation for the use of those species.