March 28, 2006
Susan Dunlap
Aerulean™ Plant Identification Systems, Inc.


MENLO PARK, Calif., March 28, 2006 — AERULEAN™ Plant Identification Systems, Inc. announced today the filing of a second patent covering, among other things, the development of a database and method for plant selection. This pending patent expands the reach of Aerulean’s intellectual property as detailed in their initial patent. Aerulean’s patents now cover both plant selection and identification. The company’s management team worked closely with Dr. Cynthia Moore, Esq. of Moore Patents and Dr. David Dreyfuss, consultant, in formalizing and submitting the new patent. Both consultants made substantial contributions to the patent document, assuring broad coverage that supports the future development of Aerulean.

”Having recently filed an additional patent, we continue to advance and expand our intellectual property, product development programs, and build our organization. We are delighted to attract seasoned and talented individuals like Cynthia Moore and David Dreyfuss to Aerulean’s team,” said Susan Dunlap, chairman and CEO of AERULEAN. “They both brought extensive experience in patent and business development to the table, enabling us to shore up the development of our intellectual property. Their contribution will prove to have played a critical role to the future growth of our organization.”

AERULEAN is a company focused on the development and commercialization of plant identification systems, making use of a recently discovered method to identify plants. The company’s software includes user-friendly plant selection and identification tools. The company has patent-pending protection for the new inventions, having filed applications in the U.S. and worldwide.

Aerulean has developed a prototype for the software and is actively presenting the prototype to those with an interest in educating the home gardener and those who would benefit from more informed consumers of horticultural products. Aerulean plans to leverage their IP position by forming alliances, and establishing licensing arrangements with those involved in educating the public about the plant kingdom, and through the development of its own internal proprietary products. For more information on AERULEAN, visit the company’s website.

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